Hey! My name is Nazaal ๐Ÿ‘‹ and I am currently working as a PhD student at Aalto University’s Probabilistic Machine Learning group in the Helsinki region, Finland. My PhD work is in the intersection of Bayesian experimental design and human in the loop AI models. I am part of the ELLIS meta-programme, where I am fortunate to have Professor Samuel Kaski as my primary host and Dr Stefano Albrecht as my exchange host.

Prior to this I lived in Stockholm, Sweden for 2 years, and in Bristol, UK for 3 years, and in Mal’e, Maldives prior to my university studies, where I was born in a hospital just across the road from what is now this beach.

Outside of work I spend my time making oddly satisfying recipes, at the gym, making changes to my emacs config, or some random thing that happens to catch my attention for a week or two. I’m also a big fan of cats, memes, and of course, cat memes.

I also have somewhat of a presence on Instagram, Twitter, Mastodon, LinkedIn.

More work related details are available in my CV.