Hi, my name is Nazaal and I am currently working as a PhD student at Aalto University’s Probabilistic Machine Learning group in the Helsinki region, Finland. My work is in the intersection of experimental design and human in the loop models. I am part of the ELLIS meta-programme, where I am fortunate to have Professor Samuel Kaski as my primary host and Dr Stefano Albrecht as my exchange host.

Prior to this I lived in Stockholm, Sweden for 2 years, and in Bristol, UK for 3 years, and in Mal’e, Maldives prior to my university studies, where I was born in a hospital just across the road from what is now this beach.

Outside of work I spend my time making oddly satisfying recipes, at the gym, or playing Valorant, among other things. I like a lot of things, and something has to be extremely bad for me to dislike it.

I regularly check Mastodon every now and then.

Extra details are available in my CV.