Relational Models Theory

A theory that suggests that social cognition is structured by 4 elementary mental schemata dubbed the relational models. They are:

  1. Communal Sharing (CS) - Members of a group are treated as equivalent and undifferentiated.
  2. Authority Ranking (AR) - People/groups are arranged in a linear hierarchy where situations are favourable for those higher in the hierarchy.
  3. Equality Matching (EM) - Relationships involving even-balance or one-to-one correspondence, alongside what to do when such a balance is lost.
  4. Market Pricing (MP) - Relationships structured by ratios or rates such as prices, wages, cost-benefit analyses. The free market is an implementation of this, however it is not unique, for e.g. those without competition, money, individualism or self-interest.


Much of this comes from the paper that suggests the 4 schemata above show a sequence of breaking symmetries.

Author: Nazaal

Created: 2022-03-13 Sun 21:45